27W LED Work Lights

for DEWALT 15-22V

Lithium Battery

Cordless LED Work Lights

Bullet Points

  • Compatible Base Slot: This cordless LED work lights is compatible with DEWALT 15V-22V lithium batteries, including models: DCB200, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB206, DCB209, DCB180, DCB182, DCB183 and DCB184.
  • Rotative Pivot: The cordless 9 led work lights are comprised of two parts, upper part is a 3*3 individual led lighting array, retatable up to 120 degree for multi-angle lighting, lower part is a ABS base with compatibility of DEWALT lithium battery.
  • Dual USB-A and Type-C: With dual USB-A and Type-C ports integrated, the cordless LED work light rechargeable outputs 5 Volts / 3 Ah.
  • 4 Lighting Modes: Except normal LED lighting, the portable LED cordless work lights have strong lighting and SOS flash widely applicable to rescue signal during outdoor activities as well as the blue/red alternative strobes for outdoor activity signal.
  • Easy to Install: Align and slide the DEWALT lithium ion battery into the bottom of the cordless LED work lights with easy.



27 Watts LED Work Lights

for DEWALT 15-22V

Lithium Battery

Power 27 Watts
Charging Time 5-5.5 Hours
Discharging Time

16 Hours

(Normal Lighting)

Battery Type Lithium Ion Battery
Battry Capacity 8000 mAh / 74 V
 USB-A/Type-C 5 V / 3 A
Optical Type Reflect Cup/Lens


Pivot Angle 120 Degree




Single Box Size 149*116*276 MM
Single Box Weight 1.4 KG

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