Camping Tent Rope Lights

camping tent rope lights

Bullet Points


  • LED Rope Lights: Extendable up to 32 feet mini rope lights with high flexibility, it can be quickly coiled and fastened up with a Velcro strip when you wrap up camping.
  • Hook/Attach/Tapped Hole: Built-in magnetic iron piece and a metal hook with the end of the handle, not only can you attach the mini led rope lights to metal surface, serving as camper led awning lights, but also hook the led tent lights around or inside camping tent, even connected with a tripod.
  • Multi-mode Lighting: Except for the normal lighting that you can see everywhere from an universal rope light, this camping rope lights bring you a breath of fresh air with multi-mode lighting pattern in alternative, sine, wave and flash.
  • Portable Power Bank: Not only acting as a camping rope lights, but can be an emergency power source for other USB-compatible electronic devices.
  • USB Input/Output: This portable solar light is also equipped with USB-A port with output 5 V/2 A and Type-C with input 5 A/2 A.
  • Applications: Outdoor mini rope lights, camper led awning lights, solar powered camping light.


Name Camping Tent Rope Lights
Model HGN-1129
Brightness 50~1000 LM
String Length 10 M
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh
LED Lighting 8~9 Hours
USB-A Port 5 V / 1 A
USB-C Port 5 V / 1 A
Charging Time 3~4 Hours
Single Box Size 90*60*152 MM
Single Box Weight 0.5 KG

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