How to choose the best magnetic base LED work lights?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best magnetic base LED work lights, such as:

  • Magnet strength and size: Customers should look for magnetic base LED work lights that have a strong and large magnet that can firmly attach to any metal surface and support the weight of the light.

  • Light output and modes: Customers should look for magnetic rechargeable led work lights that have a high light output and different modes, such as strobe, SOS, dimmer, etc., so they can adapt to different situations and needs.

  • Battery type and life: Customers should look for rechargeable led magnetic work lights that use rechargeable batteries or solar panels, so they can avoid running out of power or buying disposable batteries.

Yeetway rechargeable led work lights, with a firm handle and built-in strong magnetic iron piece inside the base, not only can be attached to any metal surface, but conveniently held by hands. Moreover, the led work lights for trucks can easily adjust light output angle from 5 to 120 degree with a pivot. And the underhood led work lights have 3 lighting modes of strobe, SOS and dimmer. And with 5V/2A I/O USB port, the led automotive work lights can quickly translate into a handy emergency power bank to charge other mobile electronic devices.